Looking for a Face Mask Alternative?

Learn how our fabric face masks are different

We have created a "Defence Face Mask System" in order to provide a possible solution for those of us who will not be using the N95 masks. We know the fabric face masks on their own aren't enough, so we found a way to strengthen them.

Please ensure you have read the descriptions included in both the "Defence Face Mask" options and the "Defence Essential Oil Blends" options.
We have explained our points of difference. Many FAQs are answered within the body of the descriptions.

It is important we do all we can to attempt to deal with Covid-19 and prevent spreading the virus. A Defence Face Mask System is not a cure and does not make you invincible against Covid-19. The system is designed to complement the instructions provided by Dr. Tam and WHO. Practice physical distancing, wash your hands up to your elbows, do not touch your face (a mask helps you remember this) and if you are feeling ill, 100% stay home. Please continue to keep informed and make mindful decisions for yourself, your family and your community. "These are the things we know" & "We are in this together".

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